Welcome 2015!


First, I want to thank you all for supporting this site during 2014. Now a new chapter begin 2015. I hope you are with me this year as well. RStjernbergFansite.com has been online for a year on March 10. Robin will release more new music this year. I’m so excited to bring the site to the next level. I have put a temporary layout on the site until the one year anniversary layout is finished, which will be something completely unexpected.

This year will be something special, I feel it.
Big welcome 2015! You are finally here. xo

Scars – LIVE @ GalaJul 2014, Silja Line Galaxy

I was on the cruise Silja Line Galaxy (from Stockholm to Turku) on December 18-19 and I booked the trip just a week before. Robin was guest star on the event GalaJul on the boat. We also got some time with Robin off stage, which were so cozy. We got a very nice meet and greet from 1am to 5am (Finnish time). I didn’t get so much sleep on the “night” since I was in bed around 5:30. I recorded a few videos from the performances and from the meet and greet. The first I want you show you is of Scars.