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Julgalan (blue gala/blue group) had its premiere last night (November 14) at Lugnet in Falun. I have uploaded two photos from the show in the gallery taken by Eric Salomonsson. I can’t wait to see this show in exactly two weeks in Norrköping.


It’s finally time for Julgalan to start the tour for the year next week. Robin will be with the blue group. His group first concert is in Falun the 14th. Then 15th to Umeå. You can find all the dates in the upcoming dates section in the sidebar.

Therese uploaded a video from when Robin performed his cover of Stay with me by Sam Smith when he had a gig in Norrtälje, Crossover Festival. Press play below and enjoy!

Last Saturday (October 25) Robin had a gig on Crossover Festival in Norrtälje. I wasn’t there since I was in Sicily, but Therese uploaded a video from when Robin performed Pieces. Press play below and enjoy!


Hey! It’s finally time to say that I have changed the site layout. After a few days of haaaard work my fall themed layout is finally complete. It’s based on my own photos that I’ve taken at gigs, which you can see in the header like a slideshow. I used Robin’s latest fall themed photo from his instagram to fill the rest out. I hope you like it and next time I change layout will be near Christmas and New Years. Thanks for visiting! If you find any issues with the theme don’t hesitate to contact me asap.

Last Saturday (October 18) Robin had a gig on Lund Choral Festival, SjungGung. Which was a concert with 600 kids in a choir and got the chance to sing with Robin. I was not there, but Therese uploaded a video from when Robin performed Isn’t it time. Press play below and enjoy!


I have finally got up a new layout for the gallery. I have been working on this for days and today I finally finished. If you don’t see the new layout, please clear your cookies and cache. The layout featuring my own photos that I took in Arvika, August 23. I hope you like the new look. Click here to visit the gallery!

I made a short fanmade video of Robin’s version of “What makes you beautiful” by One Direction that he did a cover of in a medley on the gig in Vänersborg on May 3. The video feature Demi Lovato as well. Be sure to watch it below!


2011 Robin Stjernberg went to Furuboda college and was playing instruments. With 500 swedish crowns in his pocket a month, he lived on his dream of one day getting the chance as an artist. Idol got him the golden ticket to the Swedish music industry. Two years later, he represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘You’, a single that topped all Swedish lists and sold triple platinum. Robin Stjernberg got his chance, amply. Finest.se met him in Lionheart’s office on Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden.

How does a normal day in your life look like?
It’s not as glamorous as you might think. I go to the studio every day. As much as I committed to be with the pace and be seen as an artist, I put on writing songs. Both for myself and others. Has been a lot to other lately. I’m thinking actually to shield me a little. From the internet especially. Disconnect and daring to face myself. Just go into myself. I’ve never done it before.

What made you take that decision?
I actually came on the idea this week. I feel like just take a bottle of whiskey out of nowhere and just get all my feelings. See what happens then. I’m a little afraid to go into the depths of myself. Don’t really know what I will meet then. Being yourself is probably not so difficult. I will, however, be accompanied sick.

Today’s the ”always be online” our everyday life, what is your relationship to social media?
Now I take it quite calmly and try to shield me from it there as often as I can. I actually had problems with it for a while. Constantly having to show what you are doing, where you are, where you are going. I could not really stand it. A bit like living in a constant pretend bubble. I put never something up if I was feeling crappy. No one makes you so. It was most of the gig and it was glam enough for others to read about. Over time I have become more spontaneous. Constantly pretend that everything is great and also make it compulsively becomes a lie to end. It’s no good to convey that image either. Now I just put up if I really feel like it.



I’ve uploaded screencaptures of Robin’s amazing performance of his cover of Torn by Natalie Imbruglia on Tillsammans för Världens barn last night (October 3). Be sure to check them out! Credit SVT for the video that I screencaptured.

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