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A few days ago, Robin revealed the date for the premiere of Body Language music video and as well a teaser. The date of the premiere is on Friday August 28. I can’t wait, be sure to watch the teaser below.

Posted in Body Language, Videos on August 26, 2014
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Robin and his backup singers/dancers made an acapella intro of You at Rix FM Festival, when I saw him in Arvika last Saturday (August 23) I recorded it. I think it’s so cool! Be sure to watch it below.

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I saw Robin live last Saturday (August 23) in Arvika, there he was a part of Rix FM Festival. I recorded almost the whole performance of Body Language. Thanks to my new lens for my camera I came close to him even if I were not front row. I wasn’t front row that I was planned to be. I had been there since 10 on the morning and just an hour before the show started I got no space to move my body in front of the fence and I didn’t felt happy there because of that. I stepped back a few rows there it was more space. There I felt so much better!

He finished his three performances even if he was sick. He’s really a fighter that wants to perform on stage even if he’s not feel well. It didn’t look like he were sick but he tweeted about that within a hour before the show. Be sure to watch the video below!

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RIX FM has uploaded a video with some clips from RIX FM Festival show in Norrköping on August 14 on their Youtube. It’s a few short clips of Robin in the video. Be sure to watch it below! (This were Robin’s fourth stop of seven on the tour). Today he will do his fifth in Malmö. Then it only remains two more stops for Robin, which are in Arvika next saturday (August 23) and Jönköping the week after (August 30). I’m going to Arvika next week and I’m more than excited. This will be so good.

Posted in Rix FM Festival, Videos on August 16, 2014
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RIX FM has uploaded a video with some clips from RIX FM Festival show in Sundsvall on August 5 on their Youtube. It’s a few short clips of Robin in the video. Be sure to watch it below!

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I’m going to start doing the throwback thursday videos again, I miss doing that! This week it’s not video of Robin. It’s a fanvideo that I created with help from some of you guys out there a year ago. Robin noticed and tweeted about it. I still getting so emotional watching this, Robin really has dedicated fans (Stjernor) all around the world and the fanbase have grown even bigger after this video. I’m so sorry that not all of you are in this but I didn’t know so many back then and I had deadline to send in the messages. But enjoy!

Posted in Throwback Thursday, Videos on July 31, 2014
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I’ve found the full performance of Robin’s cover of Sam Smith’s Stay with me when he performed it on the rehearsal of Lotta på Liseberg on July 28. Big thanks to my friend Sandra @ twitter for recording and uploading this.

Posted in Gigs, Lotta på Liseberg, Videos on July 30, 2014
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Robin Stjernberg has found his sound but he does not search for love.
After his highly acclaimed appearance on “Lotta på Liseberg” he talks about the single life.
- I have fun with mates. I do not date, he says.

The espousal placards with his name on were many during yesterday’s “Lotta på Liseberg”. Robin Stjernberg did not disappoint the fans. His appearance at “sing along” was one of the evening’s most acclaimed.

- It was so beautiful. They stood up already in the first song, he says.

Won Melodifestivalen

Last year, he got his big break with the victory in the contest. Yesterday, he performed for the first time his new single “Body language” live. His own body language reveals what he conveys in words. Robin Stjernberg feel really good right now.

- When you get to sing with Lotta you always feel good. She is a true professional, he says.

Thrive to live in Stockholm

Three years ago they changed the Hässleholm-son Skåne to Stockholm. He has not forgotten his roots but claims to have found a home in his new city.

- I’m coming home to Skåne in connection with gigs and to meet my family. That’s why I go down. Otherwise, I thrive damn good to live in Stockholm, Robin Stjernberg says.

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I’ve uploaded screencaptures of Robin’s amazing performance of Body Language at Lotta på Liseberg last night (July 28). Be sure to check them out! Credit TV4 for the video that I screencaptured.

Below you can watch the performance of Body Language at Lotta på Liseberg. This performance is playful and happy. I’m so proud of him that he dance even if he doesn’t think he’s good at it.

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